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At a time when most parents are hectically preparing for kids going back to school after the summer break, one of the aspects to be considered is their handwriting.
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Why Good Handwriting Still Matters

Why Good Handwriting Still Matters

At a time when most parents are hectically preparing for kids going back to school after the summer break, one of the aspects to be considered is their handwriting. With hardly any writing by hand done over the holidays, and a lot of gadget use such as laptops, tablets and video games, it may be required to put in a few pages of handwriting practice before going back to school. In trying to understand why good handwriting still matters in this day and age, when most people prefer typing to writing, here are some interesting points:

Brain research: A common finding for all research (such as the one mentioned in this article) is that more areas of the brain light up and are engaged while writing by hand. This leads to a better understanding of the material, and better cognitive recognition than if we had typed out the same. This also means that students would find it easier to remember the course material if they write it out by hand, rather than typing up a report on it. Motor skills: For very young children, holding the pencil and starting to write their letters is a very good way to improve small motor functions using their hands and fingers. In keeping up with the times, even tablets have started having apps to write out letters using the stylus or the fingertip, but even this may not completely duplicate the act of writing with the pen or pencil. Good grades:As a lot of our evaluation is still using the handwritten word, it is definitely a big plus to have good readable handwriting so that teachers find it easier to understand and evaluate information. Most schools provide handwriting worksheets when they are guiding students on how to improve handwriting. The Personal Touch: While this might not impact your child academically, it can help them earn brownie points with the grandparents and other relatives! There are many written epistles such as a thank you notes or a handwritten letter that can evoke a positive response in people. Sending someone in the family a typewritten letter may feel a bit impersonal but a much shorter handwritten one will have a better response. It would really improve a young child’s confidence to be able to take down notes as fast and legibly as required, and good handwriting will be a big help through their school years. Please check out our English classes at Aloha USA, which are aligned to your child’s course material at school, and cover all aspects including handwriting. See our website for more details: http://www.aloha-usa.com Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/aloha.usa and on Twitter: @AlohaKidsMath for constant updates and tips for your child’s education and development. Photo Courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/wwworks/1046033437/

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