Why Kids Should Read More – Aloha Mind Math USA

Why Kids Should Read More – Aloha Mind Math USA

Most kids find reading a tedious task, while some other kids love to read. Reading is an integral part of life and kids should develop the habit of reading every single day. Whether it is a story, or picture book, or reading the papers, or anything else, a daily dose of reading provides so many benefits not just for kids but adults too:

Improves Vocabulary

The more you read, the better it is for your vocabulary. While reading you come across various words you have never heard before or words you never stopped to check the meaning of. Very often people tend to read and just “assume” the meaning of a word based on its contextual use in a sentence. By proactively reading, you will discover much more than you ever did.

Aids Imagination

Reading aids imagination and sparks off creativity. Very often while reading we visualize images, characters, situations, people and places. Children often tend to imagine stories and characters in their mind while reading them. Not only does reading help visualize, it helps get the creative size of the brain function a lot more actively.

Reading Helps Writing Better

When you read well, you often write well too. The use of words, sentences, context, and creativity of writing is better developed when you read well and have developed a good vocabulary. You will be able to narrate stories, situations and instances much better than before.

Reading is Productive

Setting aside some time to read every day is a great way to inculcate a good reading habit. Instead of watching television or playing videogames, invest time in a good book, article or story. Not only do you gain information and knowledge, it becomes time well spent on your personal growth.

Better Communication Skills

When parents spend time reading to toddlers, they are likely to pick up language skills much better, express themselves effectively, and relate to others in a healthy way. This goes a long way in developing their communication skills, and it makes them confident individuals as they grow older.

Academic Excellence

By reading to toddlers and preschoolers, they develop a higher aptitude for learning in general. Various studies have indicated that students who are exposed to reading before preschool are more likely to do well in all facets of formal education. Kids grasp math, science, and social concepts much better with a pre-disposed reading environment.

The MORE you READ, the MORE things you KNOW

The MORE you LEARN, the MORE places you GO

-Dr. Seuss

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