Why Math may be one of the basic building blocks for success – Aloha Mind Math

Why Math may be one of the basic building blocks for success – Aloha Mind Math

As parents, if you are asked about what skills you think are necessary for your child’s success, you might be inclined to pick Math over even social skills, says this article. Math might win by a small margin according to these polls, but most of us are aware that it is definitely one of the basic building blocks of our child’s education. Here are some reasons to understand why:

Forms a basis: Math is a fundamental need for nearly all parts of our lives – from counting the number of steps in our staircase, to shopping for groceries – it is definitely not something we can stay clear of. Kids can also experience another aspect of math by learning mental math calculations, which will really help in the daily aspects.

Builds confidence: You must remember the time your kid aced a Math test at school, and how good they feel about their performance when that happens. This confidence extends to other aspects of schoolwork too, as Math is always supposed to be one of the formidable subjects and doing well in it will improve the child’s approach to other areas too.


First step towards career: A proficiency in Math can guide older children towards the path they would like to take in life. It can illustrate to them if they want a career in Engineering, Architecture or any other subject related to different aspects of the subject. In one way or the other, math is a basis subject for a lot of the mainstream and individualized careers available to kids nowadays.

Other aspects: It is very important how we as parents approach math when kids are young, because building it up to be scary may not be the ideal thing to do. Teaching numbers in a fun way such as through hopscotch, or doing multiplication-based projects together will help a lot in the long run. If we help our kids embrace it at an early age by making a big deal of the fun aspects of it, they will have a much more open mind to more difficult parts as they grow up.

Math is definitely a subject that is very important to lay a foundation for our children. If you are interested in exploring more about mental mathematics, and a way to build your child’s confidence in the subject, do check out our classes at Aloha: http://www.aloha-usa.com

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