Worried about your child’s reading and writing skills?

Worried about your child’s reading and writing skills?

Worried about your child’s reading and writing skills?

Writing is a very basic skill that we practically use every day.

When a child begins to string letters together and starts readings words to full sentences, every parent is enthused to making future plans for their child. From how to improve handwriting to how to enhance children’s creative writing skills, we as parents would love to see our children blossom at each year of their elementary school learning. We can start facilitating this journey by implementing simple steps at home in order to enhance and complement their school learning:

Reading: Infants can be read books as young as a few months old. This is the first step to their writing practice. Reading to toddlers and kids must be a daily activity and there are enough statistics to prove that early reading habits sets a child’s up for successful learning during their school years. Make it a habit and set aside a time.

Writing by hand: In the age of technology, this may sound a bit obsolete. But encouraging your child to write using paper/pencil is an essential activity as it enhances several skills – focus, increased attention span, hand-eye coordination, imagination.

Grammar: As your child is beginning to understand words, encourage them to think about the sentence structure and grammatical aspects. It helps to correct some of the commonly used parts of speech, tense or usage. Make use of free online resources to give simple grammar activities for your child, this will be a fantastic foundation point for good and quality writing.

Journaling: A time tested practice that has proven to enhance a child’s writing and creativity. This can begin as early as a child is able to hold a crayon or a pencil. It can begin with simple drawing or a few words – consistency is the key. Before bedtime is a good idea for children to do this activity. Journal writing forms a very good first step towards creative writing which is an invaluable skill as they grow older.

Story hints: Once the child is a little older, a good way to nurture creative writing is by giving them hints in pictures or in phrases, and asking them to create a story out of it. You will be surprised to see the development in the style of writing by employing such a simple method – children progress from short staccato style sentences to longer very descriptive ones. Journaling their vacation, holidays, visiting families are simple and effective ideas to encourage children to write effortlessly.

ALOHA’s reading and writing program has proven to be effective in enhancing and encouraging children’s writing capabilities. Our program is offered for children in kindergarten through grade 6 to effectively prepare your child to be articulate and skillful writers. With online and classroom classes available across the country, we are able to reach more children than ever. Our reading writing program also offers additional online support materials that greatly supports school homework support. With our experienced English tutors and high-quality online support, children progress very quickly in their writing and reading skills.

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