Worried about your child’s writing skills?

Worried about your child’s writing skills?

When a child begins to string letters together and starts writing words, slowly moving to sentences, every parent starts making a lot of future plans in their head. From how to improve handwriting to how to enhance children’s creative writing skills, we as parents would love to see everything work out in a smooth manner for our child. We can start facilitating this journey by implementing simple steps at home in order to enhance and complement what the child is doing in school:

Handwriting practice: Other than what the child is doing at school, about once a week, have your child do an additional page or so of handwriting at home to get a clear idea of the progress at school and you’ll know exactly how your child is forming the letters and words, and help out if necessary.

Grammar practice: Once you feel your child is beginning to understand words and sentence structure, do make it a point to explain the grammatical aspects of speech and sentence making. It helps to correct some of the commonly used parts of speech when your child makes a mistake with tense or usage, which is very common with young children. This will make a good foundation for the point when he or she begins writing.

Diary writing: Once he has started writing in sentences, encouraging him to keep a diary or journal is a great way to get him used to writing in a descriptive manner. Journal writing forms a very good first step towards creative writing which is an invaluable skill as he grows older.

Story hints: Once the child is a little older, a good way to nurture creative writing is by giving them hints in pictures or in phrases, and asking them to create a story out of it. You will be surprised to see the development in the style of writing by employing such a simple method – children progress from short staccato style sentences to longer very descriptive ones.

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