Writing – Thankfully

Writing – Thankfully

If you can read and write your can learn anything. Students in our writing program learn skills based on grade level.  One of our students was published in an Indian publication distributed in the United States.

Our students write beautifully and “Thankfully” as demonstrated in the piece that follows written by one of our South Edison, New Jersey ALOHA students.

Written by Dhruvi Sarkar, a grade 4 student, entitled “Thanksgiving”. (unedited from student)

Thanksgiving. It has different meanings for different people. For some, it is an extended holiday weekend. For others, a day of thanks that may or may not include church. For many, it is the time when families get together, have fun, play games, and create good memories. Thanksgiving is a day which we look forward to be thankful and grateful for what we have. Everyone, rich or poor, is very lucky to have a life, weather or not they have everything.

The First Thanksgiving was the time the pilgrims, Squanto, and the governor, William Bradford had their feast. During the feast which lasted 3 days, they played, feasted and shot guns and arrows. Previously they called Thanksgiving the Green Corn Dance, or the Harvest Festival. At the feast they prayed for what they were thankful for to god as he is the one who gives us everything.

We celebrate Thanksgiving in many different ways. We eat many foods, usually with family. We eat turkey, pie, potatoes, and many more. These are things the pilgrims, Squanto, and the governor ate during their feast. Many Americans still continue the tradition of eating these foods, but with some alterations.

Thanksgiving is usually the time for family reunions! Many people celebrate Thanksgiving differently. Some eat turkey, and many other delicious items with their family, and friends. Some go out and do some early holiday shopping during the black Friday sale. This year I am planning to go out with my family and watch a movie. After that we will come home for a relaxing family dinner which will be followed by a game which our whole family loves; Wii.

Thanksgiving for me means being thankful for my family, friends, belongings, and good home. My caring family is always ready to support me and guide me whenever I need it, and my friends are always ready to turn my frown  upside down with a good laugh. We are so  fortunate to have a shelter. Just think about all those needy people with no home and not many belongings.

In conclusion, this is how Thanksgiving was started and what I am thankful for. Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday, it is just a day of giving thanks and appreciating what god has given us.

Our award winning students will continue to do great things, reading and “Writing – Thankfully”.

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