ALOHA Mind Math Adds another Learning Center near Raleigh NC: Apex Math and Reading | Writing Center in Holly Springs, NC

Apex Math and Reading

ALOHA Mind Math Adds another Learning Center near Raleigh NC: Apex Math and Reading | Writing Center in Holly Springs, NC

ALOHA Opens the Apex math and reading | writing center in Holly Springs, NC. The Grand Opening of this new center in North Carolina will be held July 1. The center is located at 370 Raleigh St, Holly springs, NC, 27540 near Apex, in the western suburbs of Raleigh. For information:, 919-830-5601, or 877-ALOHA-03. Summertime is an important time to enroll in an ALOHA math or reading | writing enrichment program…to help slow the summer academic slide. Our programs are teacher-led, which can help bring some familiar continuity and structure that some children really respond to. We have developed online streaming classes, and where regional/national guidelines allow; some centers offer hybrid or in-person learning as well.

Our Math, and Reading | Writing programs for children in NC

This new ALOHA center expands the number of students we can reach in North Carolina (Morrisville, Cary and now Apex) and brings the company’s reading | writing program and our signature math program ALOHA Mind Math to more students in the area. The classes ALOHA provides are targeted to grades 1-5, and ages 5-12; plus, those designed specifically for pre-K/3-5 year-olds. Our after school and summer camp/enrichment programs are teacher-led, rather than computer or worksheet-based. “ALOHA” stands for Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic. An Abacus is an ancient calculator tool used by sliding beads to count. If it sounds too simple to work, parents might be surprised to learn that these instructor-led, small-class-size, math tutoring sessions teach children to solve complex arithmetic questions [think: (128+432-46+514)/82] in their heads more quickly than most people can on a calculator. This type of learning can also help kids overcome math anxiety and build confidence.

The center will also offer a teacher-led reading | writing program to inspire kids to read and write easily. The program works to motivate young minds, and to develop a passion for reading and writing spontaneously. ALOHA has also developed a Core Math program that specifically focuses on enhancing what students are learning in school classrooms.

“ALOHA Mind Math is pleased to be expanding our math and reading | writing learning centers to another center in North Carolina where our programs can help children achieve their potential,” said Gerard Pilgrim, President and CEO of ALOHA Mind Math. ALOHA has continued our teacher-led programs during the Pandemic by adapting our methods to really work online in virtual/streaming classes. Some centers, based on regional and national guidelines, have returned to in-person classes, a few are hybrid, and the rest remain virtual. We are committed to helping students continue learning even in these challenging conditions.

What does ALOHA Mind Math Bring to the Table for Kids?

 The ALOHA Apex Center owners are excited to bring ALOHA’s unique teaching method to more children in North Carolina. There is a need, among many students, to learn a variety of ways to gain confidence in math and writing, and to expand their capabilities. The after school or evening academic enrichment programs provided by ALOHA Mind Math offers children life-long skills, through these elementary school programs. Parents who want to give their high-achieving children more tools to help them excel will find ALOHA’s enrichment programs helpful. For children who need tutoring or math help or to improve reading and writing skills, ALOHA gives them a broader skill set to help them do better in school.

ALOHA Background:

Founded in 1993, ALOHA Mind Math, a leading provider of mental arithmetic and English Reading/Writing programs, has been guiding children between the ages of 5 through 12 years to achieve academic excellence in grades 1 through 5. ALOHA has also developed programs for 3-5 year-olds as well. The interactive, teacher-led, learning process is proven to enhance a child’s math, reading and writing capabilities. Classes are traditionally i-person, but recently we have adapted our methods to online teaching; some centers are hybrid depending on local/national Covid-19 guidelines. The teachers also assist children in developing skills and abilities such as observation and listening that result in the overall growth of the child. Teachers at ALOHA centers are currently training children across the U.S. There is also an international program in 20 countries with 4200 different centers. For more details on this unique program in the U.S. please visit our home page: or search for the center closest to you by using our locator

Written by Cathy Larkin, a freelance writer, and social media coordinator, who has been a part of the ALOHA Mind Math team for several years.

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