Mental Arithmetic: Powerful and Fast Calculations

Mental Arithmetic: Powerful and Fast Calculations

How easy was it for you to mentally calculate if a number was divisible by 4? Was it simple enough for you convert kilos to pounds, decimals to equivalents of fractions or convert kilometers to miles on your fingertips? All this and many more calculations were simplified with tricks and trades of mental arithmetic

Mental arithmetic for kids surely makes learning fun. It has numerous benefits to start with Memory enhancement as the concepts helps to improve intelligence. Sharpening of their memory due to fast computations they will have to do. Most important through steady practice, your kid will learn to use both sides of the brain without even knowing it.

Want your kid to achieve all this? What you can you do as parents?

Parents play huge role here they need surely work equally or sometimes harder than their kids if they want their kids to reap the benefits of mental arithmetic. To start with the right food is very important to improve memory; Parents need to give their children fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries these are the prime source for nutrient elements that serve as their own memory booster.

Secondly enroll them into after school abacus classes. Aloha Mind Math has credible course and has repeatedly shown commendable results with their students. This after school program has been designed and structured by a panel of experts from the field of Mathematics. The program is imparted by certified and qualified teachers who aim to provide a fun filled and interactive learning environment, which is the most important factor that generates interest in a subject that is generally dreaded by children

Parents can visit for more information about ALOHA’s program and to locate the ALOHA center closest to them.

However, Mental Arithmetic is a skill which kids need to develop and exercise to improve it, which in turn will enhance other skills such as reading. So go on make your little one a math genius!

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