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Our blog

  • Math is used in various aspects of life, learning math is very important for every kid. Math skills that are picked up during early years will play a big role in the chi

  • Remember the expression on your child’s face when you buy him/her a fresh batch of play dough? Available now in attractive colors so as to keep the attention of even a t

  • Children of the present time are well aware of all the technology around them, and are very quick learners when they need to figure out how to play that new game. Is the

  • As your toddler starts growing up, the way in which she’s going to start speaking and later on reading and writing English is always a priority on a parent’s mind. Here

  • In today’s competitive world, thinking out of the box has become a very necessary trait for success. Every parent hopes to nurture a creative spirit in their child not o

  • The role of family in a child’s education is a very important one. Parents cannot renounce their role and leave it all to the teachers at school. We need to be well invo

  • Children all over the world seem to be developing shorter attention spans and this would definitely impact the way they approach learning in the long run. As parents we

  • We would like to be able to protect our children from all the difficult things in life. Sometimes though, it may be better to not jump in for all the small stumbles, and

  • Parents of children with Autism do an amazing job everyday of dealing with ordinary situations in an extraordinary way. When it comes to providing a good learning experi